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Secret Diary Notes Journal PRO

3.99 usd

Welcome to Life Diary PRO - A fully customizable, ad-free and location aware secret diary / journal / notes app with categorized folders and password lock that allows you to maintain an everyday personal journal of any and all events in your life.$0.99 sale - 80% off!!! Limited Time Only.
NO ADS in this version.
Once you get hooked on to Life Diary, you will turn to it everyday to make a note of ideas, thoughts, todo's, meetings, household chores, pleasant/exciting/sad memories & other important things.
You can create unlimited diary entries with text, record a voice clip or attach a photo as well. You can further add emoticons, tags and category folders to remember your thoughts and actions. Just like your personal secret diary, you can even set a password lock to keep your personal thoughts and feelings completely private and nobody can find out. Just secretly put a lock to your note or even make a different category for private notes. Furthermore, you back up your data on Dropbox or share a specific entry with your friends via Facebook and Instagram.It is a diary that can be used for any purpose in your life, with unlimited flexibility in terms of what to add in your diary/journal/note, and can even add photos and separate category diary entries of your children, husband, wife or any other family member you are attached to.
Download Life Diary now and organize your life!
Fully Customizable• 5 awesome themes (even a Vampire diary theme!)• Many options for customizing font size, color and type• Associate 35 various emotions with all diary notes - so you can record exactly how you were feeling when you wrote your diary• Categorize by tag and category + support for multiple categories/tags in a single diary entry
Fully Organized• Attach unlimited photos and audio records to any secret diary entry• All diary notes are managed by storing in separate category folders.• Search and find any secret diary entry by keywords, date, tag, category and even emotion/feeling.• Calendar & timeline view of diary entries• Set secret diary reminders• Automatic and manual backups to your Android device• Dropbox sync + ability to send your diary or any specific note by email
Fully Protected• Password protect secret notes / lock your diary (optional).• Keep your diary notes private or share any them on Facebook and Instagram.
Here are just some ways in which Life Diary can be used:
• Since Life Diary allows you to put unlimited exciting photos in each diary entry, you can journal your life with unlimited attached photos for each day or each time you work on your journal entry.
• Life Diary is also perfect to use as a love diary because of its support for attached emotions with each diary entry. So you can document your love life perfectly by adding photos and emotions.
• If you need a note-taking app for your school, you can associate each entry in Life Diary with a specific school subject through categories, and even break it down further into specific parts of the school subject with tags. You can also take photos of your favourite books or your notes and associate them with each diary entry.
• You can take photos of all the food you eat and add them as a diary entry. You can mark them with a specific tag, so you can easily find your favourite foods. Apart from that, you can even share food photos on Instagram or Facebook!
• Life Diary is also perfect to use as a dream diary/journal as it allows you to associate various emotions with each thought/idea/dream.
• If you're travelling, you can add unlimited photos of your favourite travel destinations, and even add emotions to show how you were feeling on your trip. Finally, share your favourite travel photos on Facebook or Instagram and see what your friends say about them!
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